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Don’t Miss Dates

The beauty of the country

March - Easter

Watch the religious parades throughout the region, a truly emotional experience

October - San Pedro Fair

Old fashioned fairground experiences, enhanced by the local horses & riders in traditional costume

View from the Castle Ramparts, Castellar de la Frontera

Picturesque is the only way to describe the Real Andalucian countryside, from mountains to plains

Most of us visiting Andalucia for the first few times go to the normal tourist areas where sea, sand & convenience beckons. On your next visit though,  why not experience the massive difference of the Real Andalucia.  The rich tapestry of country life beckons as you drive through the magnificent natural beauty that can be found within only a few kilometres of the coast and tourist resorts.  Cork Oak forests to the North, large rocky edifices framing the roadside, snow topped mountains to the East and a multitude of plants, birds and animals along the way.  Look out especially for the rare opportunity to see the Bee-Eater, a glorious multi-coloured small bird seen around the rivers, or the Gineta, a small wild cat like semi-nocturnal mammal with a striped bushy tail, and the Griffons known locally as the Lion Eagles.

Hidden Gems

Driving through the countryside you will occasionally see a beautiful house set in private grounds

While away your hours idly driving through the Andalucian countryside and marvel at it’s diversity of natural beauty. Keep your eyes open for some wonderful private homes secretly tucked away.

Stop at a roadside Venta, normally a family run restaurant, and sample the fantastic value for money of the “Menu del Dia”. At about €7.95 for three courses of traditional home made country food it’s a great way to experience the Real Andalucia.  

Gaudiaro reservoir

A typical old road winds up the hill to the Medieval Castle from where the views are just incredible

Dec/Jan - Christmas & Three Kings

Enjoy your normal Christmas followed by the Spanish festival of the Three Kings

Breathtaking view from the castle

Griffon Vulture